Making room for other projects…SALE!

*** last update ***

Dioramas have a new owner.

Two of my dioramas are getting literally in the way with other projects. It’s just a matter of space. Therefore I have decided to sell them. If you´re interested of obtaining a real “Mosterd” diorama, please use the contact form below or click on the picture. I can provide you with all the information about these items.


Diorama “mijn stuthout”, created in 2012, published in three magazines (Dutch, Belgium and Frence). Displayed at venues Ontraxs (dutch railway museum) and
“Modelexpo Leuven”, Belgium.tekoop2newowner

*** update 27 sep 2015: diorama S.P.Oorgidee has been handed over to the narrow gauge museum.

Diorama “S.P.Oorgidee”, created in 2011, published in three magazines (Dutch, German 2x). Displayed at venue Ontraxs (dutch railway museum).

You can see this diorama in real live  at the “smalspoormodelbouwdagen” in Valkenburgse Meer, Netherlands on 26th and 27th of September 2015.