Narrow gauge model railway event 2011

On 24 and 25 September 2011 the narrow gauge model  railway event 2011 took place at the dutch smalspoormuseum. I was invited to show my S.P.Oorgidee layout. This layout is particularly well suited for this event due to the fact that it´s narrow gauge (Scale 1:22,5  on 16,5 mm track) and the rolling stock is a copy of the HaWe electro cars and lorries well known to the dutch greenhouse owners.

It was a very nice event, indoors was the model railway event with more than 20 layouts – national as well as international contributors, outdoors the visitors (and some of us) could experience the 1:1 museum material. As a bonus, i was invited to get on board of a HaWe electro car and drive around the areas for quite some time – it was a great experience, although the comfort was really terrible 😉


Railmagazine 285 and S.P. Oorgidee

Today i received three copies of the June 2011 issue of Railmagazine.  Whenever an article is published, this is their way to thank me! Okay, i get some extras too. 

On page 70 to 73 you can read about the why’s and hows of this little layout which was first presented on OnTraXs 2011 in the National Railway museum in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

For those who would like to know how this normally find it’s way to this magazine, a little storyline. On exhibitions the model railroad editor knows who to find where and he will takes some photo’s during the event. A week or so later you will receive an envelope with a CD with your photo’s and a friendly letter to inspire you to write an article about the background, the  actual building phase and to add some photo’s of the build stage. When all this is done and send out, you may find another envelope with your copies on the doorstep.

It is nice to know that what i’m building is appreciated and that it can meet the standards of this magazine.