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Building a motorlorry…part by part

Building a motorlorry…part by part

English summary – The aimed 2nd motorlorry for the Mine wood transport is building up, part by part. Today I received the essential parts of the driving mechanism and the gearboxes. As shown in the picture, all I need to compile a smooth running engine is available: a Mashima motor (10×24), which is small but best … Continue reading

Locking the sector plate

Locking the sector plate

I wasn’t entirely  satisfied with the sector plate locking, in fact I created it on the wrong side of the track. This became very clear to me when I was playing the big shunting puzzle.  Now it’s working fine, the lever with springs is not only locking the position but it also connects one of … Continue reading

Let’s test and run

Let’s test and run

For some time no blog from me, other DYI duties have taken all of my hobby time. That’s all finished now, so here I’m with the latest status on the Handelskade Oost “Shunting in a box” diorama. At the above picture it shows that I have completed the sector plate, with 4 tracks to store … Continue reading

Shunting in a box

After the exhibition of Baulust at Spur 1 Treffen in Germany, i was a bit worried about my latest project. Especially the  position of myself for full operation of this layout. I can´t hide myself behind the layout because of the high backdrop.  The are a lot of issues to be taken care of: standing … Continue reading

Game play

Let’s continue… Based on the previous post – shuntastic – i shall try to describe the game play. You need to know that the set-up is as follows: the visible layout is divided into customer locations, sidings. The number of sidings here can be max. 5. There is one ‘trash’, this is the output of … Continue reading

Shunting is fun and fantastic…shuntastic

To bring something more than just driving around with no reason whatsoever, i did some sketching on a shunting board.  Especially during exhibitions it is nice – at least that’s my opinion – that the viewers can also understand the reason why i’m driving with these locomotives. So i created this board which should be … Continue reading

Shaping up the form

All the tracks are bought and waiting for approval to come aboard. but not so fast, first things first… Before i actually start putting track on the layout, i discovered Googles Sketchup. It is a very easy to learn 3d program.  I’ve put the complete layout together here… All the dimensions are in meters, although … Continue reading

Finally a new design comes to live…

… After a couple of weeks trying to find out what my next layout shoot look like i compiled a wish list of what should be in it: easy to transport in a ‘normal’ car; high buildings for creating depth; water (canal or harbor) in front of the layout; emphasize on the layout/buildings; proper fine … Continue reading