Couplers…the proper looks (no more kadee for me)

When it comes to couplers for engines and rail cars I used to look for my stock of kadee couplers. To be honest, kadee couplings look a bit awkward on a Dutch locomotive. It’s to big and looks like a street car in stead of a train. So I tried to apply a model chain/screw coupling and equipped the rail cars with proper sprung buffers. The only challenge is that they stay connected and do not get buffer-locked.

I did a little test, here is a short video (pulling) and another (pushing) to show you how it looks. Although the quality is not HD, it clear to me, No More Kadee for me.


    • De schroefkoppelingen zijn van Erwin Werps en de buffers komen bij Weinert vandaan. Op de startpagina staan ze vermeld met een link naar hun websites.

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