“Group on” dutch cargo wagons




Since my collection of rolling stock is somewhat small and not quit of a high standard, i decided to challenge myself. The very first thing i did was looking for a display cabinet. My wife was so sweet to let me install it in our living room. With a proper light i was struck by the effect…horror, it was EMPTY. Then next step was very obvious, have it filled  up with my collection of Railion / DB Schenker Rail wagons, that should do the trick.  Well not, now only 5 shelfs had the be filled in stead of 7. Hence, i needed a better plan. Thinking of my new layout, counting the number of wagon types i needed to even show some realistic shunting in that part of the harbor, i decided to purchase by selection. You may remember, for the shunting i various wagon types.

Well, my very first project was a conversion of Brawa’s  OM21 to a dutch coal wagon, called GTM. That’s one of ordinary open wagon. With the parts of Werp’s Modelbouw the transistion took place in one weekend, removing all the ‘german stuff’ and replaced that with the dutch stuff. Not completely finished, it still needs some numbers & signs, i’m happy with the result so far.

The next project actually should have been my first project, it was laying around some time. Werp’s modelbouw was so friendly to manufacture an etching plate of the so called ‘groentewagons’ or 18 luikers. A typical ordinary covered wagon for transporting fruit and vegetables. I’m in the possession of 3 of these plates, so at least one should leave my factory soon. On the picture you can see the result so far (=on the right sight).

For the sake of the summer holiday  i have bought myself some presents, two wagons of the dutch manufacturer Philotrain, a banana wagon and a beer wagon brand Amstel bier. I’m not sure, but i think this last wagon will become my favorite 😉


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